Sequoia National Park - LadyKatesPhotography

The General Sherman
Heralded as "the world's largest living organism", it has a base circumference of 102 ft, a diameter of 36 1/2ft, is 274 feet tall and has its first major branch 130 ft. above the ground. This first branch has a diameter, at its connection to the tree trunk, of 7 ft! The tree's trunk weighs about 1400 tons and contains enouch wood to build 40 or more houses. (Although we never found info with an approimate square footage that they were calculating these houses into their formula with).
Despite its estimated age of 2300 - 2700 years, the General Sherman Tree is growing vigorously. Every year, the General sherman grows enough new wood to make a 60-foot-tall tree of usual proportions. The tree was named in 1879 by James Wolverton after the general under whom he had served during the Civil War.

In all the world, Sequoias grow naturally only on the west slope of the Sierra Nevada, most often between 5,000 and 7,000 feet of elevation. There are some 75 groves in all. Chemicals in the wood and bark provide resistance to insects and fungi, and thick bark insulates them from most fire. The main cause of Sequoia deaths is toppling. They have a shallow root system, with no taproot. Soil moisture, root damage, and strong winds can lead to toppling.

Make sure to notice my friend, Ella, standing at the base!

Four shot panorama, stacked horizontally

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